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What scripture says about masturbation

  • 01.05.2018
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19 Bible verses about Masturbation

Question: " Masturbation is it a sin according to the Bible? " Answer: The Bible does not mention masturbation or state whether or not masturbation is a sin. The passage most frequently associated with masturbation is the story of Onan in Genesis 38: 910. Some interpret this passage to say that

What does the Bible say about masturbation and

Below is a brief summary of some of the issues dealing with this subject. I hope it might help. This is one of those hot buttons on which there is a great deal of disagreement and what is given here by no means touches all the bases. Summary: The Bible no where specifically forbids or denounces masturbation. It does, of course, denounce all

What Does the Bible Say About Masturbation? -

What can a person do to break the habit of masturbation if he or she is feeling guilty or uneasy about it? Questions and Concerns About Masturbation The Bible has two important things to say about this: first, sex is central to the process by which husband and wife become one flesh

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