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List of zuni pueblo fetish carvers

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Fine Zuni Fetishes from ZUNI SPIRITS!

A good book for photographs of fetish necklaces, contemporary fetishes, old fetishes. Zuni Fetishes, Frank Hamilton Cushing, K. C. Publications, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1986. This book, first published in 1883, has a recently added introduction by Tom Bahti. It is the definitive book on fetishes in Zuni culture.

R, S, T Zuni Fetish Carvers - Zuni Fetishes From Spirit Of

Below is a list of many of the most frequently carved and most popular and a brief description of the objects significance to the Zuni. Traditional Zuni Fetishes. Badger: aggressiveness, perseverance, healing, growth. Bat: ritualistic death, initiation, rebirth of self, way of life. Bear: inner knowing, strength, protection, compassion.


Zuni fetishes, known to the Shiwi people as wemawe, are small stone animal carvings that are made by the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo. Zuni Pueblo is located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, (near the" Four Corners" region of the US of A. )

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