Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Winter 2016: Dinner at Osteria 2350


My lovely “Winter Sparkler” from Osteria 2350, made with: Absolut Citron, cranberry and Prosecco!

*NOTE*: Osteria 2350 did not ask me to review their restaurant. I am just a Friendly Fitness Foodie and Yogini, who enjoys sharing her foodie and yoga adventures with others. Photos captured on an iPhone 4s, and edited with Instagram an Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Extended.

The Winter 2016 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week started on Monday, January 11th and ended on Sunday, January 17th. I was lucky enough to dine at Osteria 2350 (located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District neighborhood) on Thursday, January 14th. I had wanted to dine her for many years; I knew that the eatPGH ladies had already given their prestigious endorsement of this lovely restaurant. Thus, it was time for me to make a reservation, and formulate my own opinion.

Even though my Mom and I arrived thirty minutes before our reservation, the restaurant was still able to graciously accommodate us. I loved the atmosphere and the design of the restaurant immediately, and it didn’t hurt that the gentlemen assisting us throughout the night was a cutie. 😉

I started off with the Winter Sparkler cocktail (pictured above). This was the perfect way to enjoy the night, but not fall flat on my butt when the night ended. X) Here is another photo of my gorgeous cocktail:


Onwards to the food!

FYI: almost everything I ordered was from the special Pittsburgh Restaurant Week menu. Although, you’ll be able to find the last dish that I will mention on the restaurant’s regular dinner menu.


Dish #1- Wild Mushroom Tart: Wild Mushroom Duxelle, Puff Pastry, and a Calabrian Chilli Aioli.

Everything about this dish was INCREDIBLE! The Puff pastry added another dimension to the wild mushrooms, while the chill aioli REALLY “kicked it up another notch”, as Emeril would say. 😀


Another shot of the handsome Wild Mushroom Tart!


Dish #2- Mediterranean Chicken Primavera: Grilled Chicken, Roasted Fennel, Sweet Onion, Spinach, Tomato, Kalamata Olives, Thyme & Garlic Sauce, and Trinette.

I absolutely LOVED this pasta dish! The pasta was so tasty and very unique; I’m wondering if it may’ve been homemade, since the website said that a majority of their pasta was homemade. I really appreciated all of the vegetables within this dish, as well as the grilled chicken. Such a healthy and light pasta dish!


Dish #3- Warm Apply Phyllo: Rum Soaked Raisins, Almonds, Caramel Sauce, Spiced Rum house-made ice cream.

Somehow, Osteria 2350 made me forget about chocolate for dessert (lol). X) If you give me apples, caramel, and ice cream, I am a happy lady. Plus phyllo dough? As Bourdain would say “oh yeah, baby; the good stuff”.


Another glamour shot of the Warm Apple Phyllo with the house-made ice cream!


Bonus dish- Greens & Beans: Parmesan broth, escarole and white beans

This is the dish I mentioned earlier, that can be located under the regular dinner menu (under Antipasti & Ensalada). This was a bonus dish, kindly given to us by our server before the wild mushroom tart arrived. I must say: this was my FAVORITE dish of the night! 😀

This dish was healthy, light, TASTY and super Italian! Sometimes, simple is best.


Well there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed my Pittsburgh Restaurant Week review of Osteria 2350! Whether you either live in Pittsburgh or plan to visit soon, I highly recommend this restaurant!


Next Post: return to Amazing  Cafe!


Cheers to Food & Fitness,


-Friendly Fitness Foodie


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Friendly Fitness Foodie’s Top 10 Fitness & Foodie Events of 2015

Here’s my top 10 (a la David Letterman) of the best events I attended in 2015; I am exciting to share this post with you! 😀

10. Neighborhood Flea

        My Mom and I had a FABULOUS time at the Mother’s Day Neighborhood Flea! I enjoyed a free yoga class, I browsed and shopped through the vendors, and of COURSE I dined from a food truck (The Mac & Gold Truck specifically). I HIGHLY recommend the truck’s
lobster mac ‘n’ cheese!

9. Urban Supper Picnic

Thanks to the eatPGH ladies, they brought Keith Fuller (Root 174), Brian Pekarcik (Grit & Grace, BRGR, Spoon & Willow) and Richard DeShantz (Meat & Potatoes, Butcher & the Rye, Tako, and the upcoming Pork & Beans) together in one place for a truly scrumptious urban picnic right in downtown Pittsburgh!

8. Oms in the Outfield

Stacey Vespaziani, Sally Sherman, a herd of volunteer yoga assistants, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chelsea Collective organized a fun yoga day at PNC Park!

7. Yoga in the Square


I really enjoyed Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Fittsburgh, and Lululemon‘s summer Yoga in the Square series! I had a chance to attend classes with Dezza from the Yoga Hive and Salt Power Yoga, and Sharon of Urban Elements and Cycology! Although, the highlight was being one of the four assistants for Stacey Vespaziani of South Hills Power Yoga‘s Yoga in the Square class!

6. Cocktails and Construction at Station

I REALLY enjoyed the Cocktails & Construction event at Station, before they opened; Curtis Gamble was such a gracious host, and the food was INCREDIBLE! I definitely want to make a return visit to Station in 2016!

5. One Whirl Yoga Fest + Healthy Lifestyle Expo

There was Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Cashew Milk Coffee (which was stellar), and plenty of juice, healthy food and merchandise for all!

4. Beer + Yoga Blowout

THE best craft beer I’ve EVER had from the Brew Gentlemen, AMAZING chicken and waffles (and ice cream) from the Second Breakfast Food Truck, and yoga by South Hills Power Yoga! I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Also, I truly fell in love with the neighborhood of Braddock

3. Kevin Sousa’s Farm Dinner at Churchview Farm

I loved the rustic feel of Churchview Farm, combined with the sophistication of Kevin Sousa‘s food! Truly an evening fit for a Foodie Queen (or King), tucked away in the South Hills of Pittsburgh!

2. Late Night Dinner at Studio A.M.

Everything about this evening was magical! The food from Chef Steve and Jamilka Borges was truly breath-taking! Server Dan did a meticulous job of explaining and serving each course. Bobby Fry served as the mixologist, wine sommelier, and philosopher of the evening, while Baron Batch and his publicist Renee spoke about current and upcoming projects for Studio A.M.! Truly an evening I will never forget; thanks to The Food Tasters for the invite!

1. Fearless Warrior Conference


Truly a groundbreaking day! The first EVER Fearless Warrior Conference was held on Sunday, October 11th, 2015 at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh. The conference was founded by Hayley Worthman (Ashtanga, Rocket and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher), and was constructed to teach others to conquer fears through yoga, meditation and storytelling. Two of the many things that I learned: 1) “you have to have fear in order to become fearless”, and 2) breaking down your fearless into small tangible steps will overtime lead to big results. Thanks to this conference, I am conquering my own fears and obstacles in life, and I am pursuing my passions more deeply. ❤


Cheers to a wonderful 2015, and an even better 2016!


-Friendly Fitness Foodie


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