Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Winter 2014 Food Blogger Brunch at Meat & Potatoes


*DISCLAIMER* All of these photos are my own. I do not claim monetary benefits on Meat & Potatoes’ dishes.

This past Saturday, I attended the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Winter 2014 Food Blogger Brunch at Meat & Potatoes! 😀 I was SO grateful to have this opportunity! I have wished to attend one of the blogger events since the start of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. FINALLY, the stars have aligned just for me, and my schedule cooperated.

There were 19 food bloggers in total; all of us were seated at the Private Chef’s Table at Meat & Potatoes (which, I would tell you where it is, but then I might have CIA agents chasing after me…). This room was impeccably designed! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and networking with the other bloggers.

ANYWHO… on to the FOOD! 😀 


Dish #1: Oatmeal- bacon lardons/braised apples/spiced walnuts. Tied with one (possibly two) other dish(es) as my FAVORITE dish of the blogger brunch! I loved that Meat & Potatoes provided a healthier brunch option. Despite the healthy connotation of this dish, the chefs used high-quality ingredients to prepare this meticulously crafted breakfast.


While the food bloggers and I waited in between dishes, we munched on toast with homemade butter and raspberry jam! Both Meat & Potatoes and Butcher & The Rye have the best bread EVER! Plus, the raspberry jam was sooooooo good!


Dish #2: Short Rib Hash- poached eggs/potatoes/horseradish hollandaise. This dish is tied for first place! Totally mind BLOWING! Next time I visit M&P for brunch, I will definitely be ordering this dish! 😀


Dish #3: Chicken & Waffles- fried chicken/cheddar jalapeño waffle/bourbon bacon syrup. I couldn’t WAIT for this dish! 😀 During the Summer 2012 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (at Meat & Potatoes), I sampled a similar dish (fried chicken livers with a cheddar jalapeno waffle and the bourbon bacon syrup). Meat & Potatoes has now added the Fried Chicken Livers to the “snack” portion of the dinner menu, and the cheddar jalapeno waffle and bourbon bacon syrup is a permanent fixture on the brunch menu, now toting a piece of Fried Chicken breast. This dish, was, of course- INCREDIBLE! I felt like I was transported to the south. I could see either The Pioneer Woman or Trisha Yearwood serving me this dish on one of their Food Network shows. This dish represented America on a plate.


Dessert #1: Fruit & Coffee- bananas/coffee ice cream/charred citrus/ricotta/compressed blackberries. This dish was presented elegantly (I LOVED the wooden bowl), and had all sorts of flavor combinations. I enjoyed the coffee ice cream, bananas and the compressed blackberries. Although the ricotta was present, I did not taste it in the dish. I didn’t care for the charred citrus fruits. Overall, I believe this is a good dish, but could use a little bit of editing (at least for my taste).


Dessert #2: Raspberry Donut! The piece-de-resistance! The last part of the three-way tie for first place! This dish was HEAVENLY! In my opinion, skip the “fruit & coffee“, and go for one (or two) raspberry donuts! Everything about this dish (from the dough, to the vanilla glaze, to the raspberry jam inside) was incredibly luxurious and satisfying. A guilty pleasure I would gladly pursue any day (or time) of the week!

There you have it, folks! I HIGHLY recommend visiting Meat & Potatoes for brunch. In my opinion, that would be the PERFECT stop on either a Saturday or Sunday, either before or after a show.

Happy dining, foodies!

Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

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Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, Winter 2014: Dinner #1 & #3


*DISCLAIMER* All of this photos were captured by me. I do not claim monetary profits from neither the dishes nor the restaurants.

Well folks, it was that time of year again. The semi-annual event, that is similar to Christmas for Foodies of the ‘burgh: Pittsburgh Restaurant Week! 😀 During Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, several restaurants offer “pre-fixe”, multi-course dinners, or a more reasonable price. Also, new dishes are premiered, in honor of the new year.

My first “Pittsburgh Restaurant Week” meal of 2014 was at Braddock’s American Brasserie (located inside the Renaissance Hotel, in Downtown Pittsburgh). When I stepped into the restaurant, I felt as if I was transported to the whiskey rebellion era, but in a more sophisticated setting.

My Mom was my fearless dining companion. We both decided to choose the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week menu at Braddock’s. The first dish was: Applewood Bacon, Potato & Red Cabbage Pierogi on top of a bed of black-eyed peas (pictured above). Honestly, this was THE best pierogi dish I have EVER tasted! The black-eyed peas were the perfect compliment as well. DEFINITELY the culinary highlight of the night!


Dish #2: Petit Filet, with potatoes and winter vegetables, on top of a bed of TWO different types of grits (one being cheddar)! The filet was cooked to perfection, and just the right size for me. This was my first time sampling grits, and they were WAY better than I expected.


Dish #3: 21st Amendment Raspberry Cobbler! This dessert was SO good, it made me temporarily forget my longing for a chocolate-induced dessert! The Raspberries were scrumptious, the crumble part of the cobbler was the perfect reward for finishing the dessert! Lastly, the cinnamon ice cream scoop, perched on top of the dish was the piece-de-resistance of the meal.

Dinner #3: Grit & Grace

Grit & Grace is a brand new restaurant, which occupies the former Taste of Dahntahn space on Liberty and Fifth Avenue. Grit & Grace stems from the same creative team behind BRGR and Spoon. Their Pittsburgh Restaurant Week deal was: “order four dim sum (Asian appetizer), receive the fifth one free” for $20.14 (before tax and tip). I was sooooooo excited to try dim sum (since Anthony Bourdain is a HUGE fan). WOW! The appetizers were incredible, and healthier than I expected as well! Here is a picture below; I particularly loved the pork belly dim sum and the shrimp & kimchee dim sum. The ambiance is elegant, yet casual; the food is spectacular and the restaurant staff is VERY amicable and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend trekking to downtown for either dinner or a late-night bite at this establishment!

Dim Sum at Grit & Grace
Dim Sum

I will be posting the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Food Blogger Brunch at Meat & Potatoes review very soon. Stay tuned, foodies!

Happy eating & dining,

Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week website: http://www.pittsburghrestaurantweek.com

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PittsburghRestaurantWeek

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Braddock’s American Brasserie website: http://braddocksrestaurant.com/

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Grit & Grace website: http://gritandgracepgh.com/

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Grit & Grace’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gritpgh